Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spatial Econometrics

OLS: Review

y= Xb + e

Minimize e’e, e = (y-Xb)

b = (X’X)-1 X’y

Generalized Least Squares: A Review

y = Xb + u

u = a vector of random errors with mean 0 and var-cov matrix C

b = (X’ C-1 X)-1X’C-1 y

Geographically Weighted Regression

y = X b(t) + e

b(t) = (X’ W X)-1 X’Wy or Dy

W = spatial weight matrix , which may reflect contiguity between observations, or distance between observations

Spatial Lag Model

y = p Wy + e p = spatial autoregression parameter estimated from the data

Spatial lag Model (Mixed)

y = Xb + p Wy + e

Spatial Error Model

y = Xb + e where e = λ W e + u and u= y – Xb

y = Xb + λ W (y – Xb) + u

= Xb +λ Wy - λ WXb + u

Moran's I: test for spatial autocorrelation

I =(N S)(e'We/e'e)

e = OLS residuals and S = ΣΣ w


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