Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Using R to Generate Motion Charts via Google's Visualization API

Just press the play button to get the full effect.(requires a flash enabled browser) Notice the ability to select variables and follow particular variables, the label options etc. are pretty robust. This utilizes Google's visualization tools but my local data.

The R code I used can be found here.

I figured out how to do this as a result of a recent the Revolution Analytics blog post demonstrating how to create motion charts with the new GoogleVis package. They link to an easy to follow tutorial on stack-overflow that walks you through the code.

Apparently the GoogleVis package generates script that accesses google’s Visualization API and allows you to use their data and visualizations. Or you can visualize your own data using their motion charts as I have done using the well known iris data set (adding a time variable as did the blogger kohske).

I found the Hans Rosling data visualization video inspiring and back in December I tried to create a similar visualization of agricultural subsidies, but it was a one time period static view. See below

or see here for the original post)

My next project will be to revisit the agricultural subsidy data, which is available across time, and convert my original bubble chart to a motion chart.

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