Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some Great Links for Social Network Analysis in R

HT: Yangchang  via RDM (R datamining) group on LinkedIn.

Social Network Analysis with R

There is a tutorial on Network Analysis with package igraph by Gabor Csardi at Although the tutorial is still under development, it provides some useful R code examples on
- directed and undirected graphs;
- creating regular graphs, incl. full graphs, stars, rings, lattices and trees;
- creating graphs from real-world data;
- various random graphs;
- importing and exporting graphs in various formats, such as edge list files and Pajek format;
- Vertex and edge sequences and their indexing; and
- network flows and minumum cuts.

Another online resource on R for Social Network Analysis is available at

An online textbook on Introduction to social network methods can be found at

Drew Conway has also done a ton of work in this area and got me interested in this area some time ago.

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