Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SAS Enterprise Miner Demo

Not a bad demo for SAS EM. Some people would offer up the criticism that you can't just point and click your way through statistics or a model building process without a rigorous understanding of what is going on. I would agree. A good background in statistics, machine learning and research methodology is essential. I personally view statistics and machine learning as a language best communicated via code not pictures and icons. Base SAS, SAS IML, and R will let you get your hands dirty if you really want to figure out what is going on. To me, the point of SAS EM isn't that SAS makes it possible to point and click your way through a problem without really understanding what's going on, but that given the appropriate background knowledge, you can expedite what can be a very tedious process. SAS also offers a very good training and a predictive modeling certification program to go along with the software that I highly recommend.

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