Saturday, February 16, 2013

Applied Analytics and Data Science Meet Precision Ag

Machine learning+ statistics+agronomics+economics = new line of business in applied data science. Monsanto is featured here, but the market is wide open. The most valuable data is being generated real time with every trip across the field. It's up to you to harness it and get the most value out of it. Privacy issues aside, it's not worth anything keeping it all to yourself. Don't just give it away, but don' t stuff your data under a mattress either. Welcome to the world of big data in big Ag.

"After they sign up, customers start by selecting their fields from Google Earth maps. Back-end programming then pulls up a wealth of information – everything from soil type to yield potential. As farmers enter in additional information about their farm, such as crop rotation, traits used, etc., the ACRES algorithm spits out recommendations, which users can accept or tweak as needed."

From: Farm Journal: Unlock Your Farm Data

Sounds like new opportunities for data scientists in the agriculture field.

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