Friday, July 12, 2013

Some informative statements regarding Regression Discontinuity designs

Regression Discontinuity Designs in Economics
David S. Lee and Thomas Lemieux*Journal of Economic Literature 48 (June 2010): 281–355

RD as a weighted average treatment effect 

“In the presence of heterogeneous treatment effects, the discontinuity gap in an RD design can be interpreted as a weighted average treatment effect across all individuals"

RD  ‘as good as’ random assignment 

the notion that the RD design generates local variation in treatment that is “as good as randomly assigned” is helpful because we can apply known results for randomized instruments to the RD design"

Fuzzy RD and ‘intent-to-treat’ analysis 

“ the fuzzy RD design can be described by the two equation system… estimating the treatment effect by instrumenting the treatment dummy…In this setting, (the estimate)can be interpreted as an “intent-to-treat” effect”

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