Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Basic Data Manipulation and Statistics in R and Python

Below are links to a couple of gists with R and Python code for some very basic data manipulation and statistics. I have been using R and SAS for almost a decade, but the R code originates to some very basic scripts that I used when I was a beginning programmer. The python script is just a translation from R to python. This does not represent the best way to solve these problems, but provides enough code for a beginner to get a feel for coding in one of these environments. This is 'starter' code in the crudest sense and intended to allow one to begin learning R or python with as little intimidation with the simplest syntax as possible. However,  once started, one can google other sources  or enroll in courses to expand their programming skillset.

Basic Data Manipulation in R

Basic Data Manipulation in Python

Basic Statistics in R

Basic Statistics in Python 

For more advanced applications in R posted to this blog see all posts with the tag R Code.

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