Friday, September 28, 2012

Analysis of AgChat Facebook Group Members

(this is an older post updated from 'drafts')

Created using R and ‘members to .csv’ Facebook Ap
March 9, 2010

Disclaimer:This is for demonstration purposes only. There were actually 643 members of the #AgChat Facebook group to date, but the ‘members to .csv’ ap limits data retrieval to 499 observations, so this represents only a sampling of actual members. Observations are also omitted for missing values for variables in each respective analysis. For instance, only 24 observations of the available 499 had hometown data listed.

Breakdown by Gender (Click to Enlarge)

Representation by Hometown City and State

Augusta , Illinois
Chicago , Illinois
Indianapolis, Indiana
Hampton , Iowa
Miltonvale, Kansas
Louisville , Kentucky
Caneyville, Kentucky
Frankfort , Kentucky
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)
Saginaw , Michigan
Deckerville, Michigan
Springfield , Missouri
Tecumseh, Oklahoma
Portland, Oregon
Fredrikstad , Ostfold (Norway)
Dallas ,Texas
Selah , Washington
Union West , Virginia

# of Represented Members by Hometown State (Click to Enlarge)

Representation By Country (Click to Enlarge)
(Canada, Norway & the U.S.)

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