Friday, September 28, 2012

Social Media Analytics

Here is a summary of some of my posts related to social media analytics, primarily text mining and social network analysis.

Using Twitter to Demonstrate Basic Concepts from Network Analysis

An Intuitive Approach To Text Mining with SAS IML

The Budget Compromise- Mining Tweets

An Introduction to Social Network Analysis using R and Netdraw

Using SNA in Predictive Modeling

Analysis of AgChat Facebook Group Members

Mining Tweets about Factory Farms (from my companion blog Economic Sense)


  1. Nice posts.some says that no relationship was found between growth rates on social media and polling numbers. I see Social Media Analytics is serving pace now.
    although, Social Media Marketing could only look good on top of traditional methods, but can never replace. Can we really end up with an Enterprise, one-size-fits-all solutions? I really wonder. This subject is so vague right now.