Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Interesting SAS Global Forum 2013 Papers

I recently noticed almost all of the papers for SASGF13 are posted. Instead of browsing the conference materials (which are larger than my local telephone directory- such a huge conference) I decided to start by browsing the papers (which can be found in the proceedings). I can then refer back to this post when I start trying to actually map out which sessions I'll go to. (and I can get back to the papers for the sessions I miss)

Most of the sessions and papers I typically like are in the area of Statistics and Data Analysis or Data Mining and Text Analytics. These sessions and papers offer direct applications in SAS that I can immediately take back to my job and implement.  There are often other papers throughout  Pharma, Operations Research, and Financial Services that also can be really helpful.

Below are the titles and links to papers that I've found so far. Yes this seems like a lot, but its only a small portion of the total proceedings. There are tons of other sections related to business intelligence, data management, and programming. I'm not sure I'll fit all of the sessions I've found into a 3.5 day conference schedule.

Business Intelligence Applications
044-2013 A Data-Driven Analytic Strategy for Increasing Yield and Retention at Western Kentucky University Using SAS Enterprise BI and SAS® Enterprise Miner™

Operations Research

Statistics and Data Analysis

Data Mining and Text Analytics

Posters and Videos (papers included)

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